With Spring comes deep cleaning. Your Lake Las Vegas home has been hibernating with the groundhogs and needs a deep clean to begin the new season — and for good reasons — winter kind of affects everything.

As you look forward to Spring, take the time to avail yourself of these quick spring deep-cleaning tips that will help restore and preserve the freshness your home deserves well into summer.

6 Places You Should Deep-Clean and How to go Clean Them

  • An excellent way to start is to give your kitchen a fresh smell by deep-cleaning the long-neglected cabinets. People tend to forget that grease and other elements settle on cabinets as they cook. Deep-cleaning with a special wash would help get that greasy stuff out and prepare you for a fresh start
  • Make your faucets sparkle by cleaning them with lemon. The citric acid contained in the lemon dissolves hard water stains, making your faucets look brand new.
  • Your windows need a fresh start too. And that means the inside and the outdoors as well. People tend to forget the outdoors and run a wash through the indoor. For your spring cleaning, be sure to pay attention to details. Make a mixture of water, white vinegar, and liquid soap and tackle all the spots and smudges you have ignored for God knows how long.
  • It is time your shower head had a bath. Restore freshness in your bathroom by deep-cleaning your shower head with soup of white vinegar. Everyday washes may not pay attention to details. Moreover, mineral deposits are difficult to remove with just about any rinse. Be sure to wrap a bag filled with vinegar around your shower head and leave to settle for a while. After which, you run the shower for as long as you feel it would take to get the vinegar out. You don’t want to smell like vinegar after a bath, yes?
  • Stainless steels are a bit tricky. Your everyday cleansers may seem to do the trick but not as good as baking soda. Ditch the cleansers and scrub your stainless steels with baking soda. You may be amazed at how much dirt you clean from those steels.
  • Your stove top is yet another place you could easily miss during a quick wash. Take the time to deep-clean it this spring by employing dryer sheets to remover all burnt-on food stuck on your stove.

As you open your doors and windows to welcome the Spring in, be sure to give your home a fresh smell by kicking off the spring season with a deep clean. What better way to start the year in Lake Las Vegas?